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December 2, 1998

AnatomyMcMinn's Interactive Clinical Anatomy: Head and Neck

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by Patricia A. Reynolds and Peter H. Abrahams, one CD-ROM, double-speed or faster CD drive, 256 color (16 bit recommended), 8MB RAM, 2MB hard disk space, for PC min 66MHz, 486DX2, Windows 3.x or 95, Power Mac or 68040, system 7.0 or above, $99.95, ISBN 0-7234-3074-8, St Louis, Mo, Mosby, 1997.

JAMA. 1998;280(21):1874-1875. doi:10.1001/jama.280.21.1874-JBK1202-7-1

The CD McMinn's Clinical Anatomy: Head and Neck, by Reynolds and Abrahams, is a fairly good interactive instructional tool. It is fairly comprehensive and is designed to teach basic head and neck anatomy by identifying structures on radiographs and photographs of cadaver dissections. The CD has a few shortcomings, which hopefully can be emended in a new edition.

Maneuvering from image to image is somewhat awkward. One must exit an image on the screen, go back to the pull down menu bar, scroll through a long list, and select the next desired image. It would be much better if, after exiting an image, the program returned to a page that displayed the list of images (preferably grouped into a radiology folder and an anatomic dissection folder). Instead, one automatically returns to the page of anatomic terms and definitions and must then go back to the scroll-down browse menu to select from the long list.

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