Medical News and Perspectives
September 27, 2006

Lasker Honors Cell Biologists, Psychiatrist

JAMA. 2006;296(12):1451-1452. doi:10.1001/jama.296.12.1451

The 2006 Lasker Awards will be presented this week to a group of cell biologists who discovered telomerase, another cell biologist who developed in situ hybridization, and the psychiatrist who created cognitive therapy. These awards recognize scientists for outstanding contributions to basic and clinical research and are considered the most distinguished such honor in the United States.

“Scientists make great discoveries by pursuing curious observations, devising bold experiments, rigorously testing ideas, throwing aside conventional thought, and working with great persistence,” said Joseph L. Goldstein, MD, Lasker Awardee, Nobel laureate, and chair of the international jury of researchers that selects Lasker recipients. “This year's Lasker Awards honor investigators who have demonstrated these ingredients of success.”

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