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July 31, 1937


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Beverly Hills, Calif.

JAMA. 1937;109(5):347-348. doi:10.1001/jama.1937.92780310002008a

This is a report of a case of persistent bucconasal membrane which was relieved permanently by probing and dilation. Cases previously reported in the literature have been in rhinologic journals, which do not usually come to the notice of obstetricians. The opinion expressed in the literature is that a large percentage of these children die of asphyxia without the cause of death being suspected. It is desirable, therefore, that obstetricians be familiar with this possibility. A simple emergency method of probing which gives immediate relief is also outlined. This life-saving procedure has not been given in any previous articles in the literature.

REPORT OF CASE  Baby William W. was referred to me Jan. 2, 1935, by Dr. R. C. Nelson, who gave me the following history: The date of birth was Oct. 29, 1934. The mother had three other children. There was difficulty in starting breathing

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