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March 16, 1946


JAMA. 1946;130(11):706. doi:10.1001/jama.1946.02870110030010

The British investigators Greenwood and Woods1 characterize status lymphaticus as "this heap of rubbish," stating furthermore that "the present use in certification and in evidence in coroners' courts of the phrase Status Lymphaticus and Status Thymic Lymphaticus is... a good example of the growth of medical mythology. A nucleus of truth is buried beneath a pile of intellectual rubbish, conjecture, bad observations, rash generalization." The British commission headed by Young and Turnbull2 was unable to locate in status lymphaticus even a "nucleus of truth" and concluded that no such condition exists. Elsewhere status lymphaticus is regarded as a clinically recognizable entity consisting of "a combination of hereditary constitutional anomalies, entering into which are certain peculiarities of configuration, with preservation or even hyperplasia of the thymus at an age when involution is to be expected, hyperplasia of the lymphoid cells in the spleen, intestine and elsewhere, changes in the

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