May 31, 1952


Author Affiliations

Houston, Texas

JAMA. 1952;149(5):436-440. doi:10.1001/jama.1952.02930220026009

Therapeutic application of physical pressure to various parts of the body has been in use for many years. Pressure has been used to facilitate the healing of wounds, burns, fractures, and chronic ulceration of the skin and in skin grafting. Pressure has also been used to prevent hemorrhage, interstitial cavitation, edema, and accumulation and stagnation of excess interstitial fluid. Smith1 was the first to apply pressure in the maxillary sinus with a balloon. He inflated a balloon in the sinus to apply pressure to and prevent edema in a skin graft in the sinus. Later Shea2 inflated a balloon in the maxillary sinus to hold the walls of the sinus in position after reduction of a fracture.

METHOD OF TREATMENT  For several years I have treated certain types of maxillary sinusitis in selected patients by applying local pressure to the mucosa of one or both maxillary sinuses. I

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