September 7, 1957


Author Affiliations

Birmingham, Ala.

From the Department of Medicine, University of Alabama Medical College, and Medical Service, Veterans Administration Hospital.

JAMA. 1957;165(1):24-27. doi:10.1001/jama.1957.02980190026006

So/ox is the trade name for a shellac and paint solvent consisting primarily of ethyl alcohol and methanol. The clinical picture of Solox intoxication, by ingestion, is coma, a foul chemical odor to the breath (similar to wood alcohol with a superimposed, sweetish, acetone-like overtone), acidosis, and, of particular importance, hypoglycemia. There is a peculiar extensor rigidity of the extremities, apparently correlated with the hypoglycemia. Therapy is usually toward correcting the acidosis, alleviating the hypoglycemia, preventing complications, and giving supportive care. Recovery is complete if death does not intervene.