October 2, 1967

Embolic Catheter Removed From Pulmonary Artery

JAMA. 1967;202(1):73. doi:10.1001/jama.1967.03130140131037

To the Editor:—  The first reported operative removal of an intravenous polyethylene catheter from the pulmonary artery has occasioned the following clinical report.

Report of a Case:—  A 44-year-old white man suffered a sudden onset of chest pain on the left side, associated with dyspnea, particularly with deep respirations.The patient was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital with a tentative diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. A chest roentgenogram revealed a radiopaque foreign body in the pulmonary artery. Lateral x-ray films showed the major portion of the foreign body to be in the artery of the lower lobe and a small portion in the anterior segmental branch of the upper lobe (Fig 1).Ten months earlier the patient had undergone an operative procedure for prostate and bladder difficulty. At that time medication was given by an indwelling intravenous system. The x-ray film at that time showed a normal-appearing chest. Approximately 1 1/2