August 25, 1975

Urologic Surgery

Author Affiliations

Harvard Medical School Cambridge, Mass


edited by James F. Glenn (William H. Boyce, consultant ed), ed 2; 993 pp, 777 illus, $65, New York, Harper & Row, 1975.

JAMA. 1975;233(8):913. doi:10.1001/jama.1975.03260080075035

Unlike the first edition, this work is a compendium that has left few subjects in pediatric and adult urologiccal surgery unmentioned. Important points of technique are emphasized in all chapters, with a generous array of excellent illustrative material. Drs. Glenn and Boyce have called upon a panel of experts who give up-to-date accounts of time-tested procedures as well as many newer techniques, especially in pediatric and reconstructive urology. It is not possible in a review of this length to summarize the entire text, but certain sections are worthy of some comment.

Although intersex conditions are not commonplace, Dr. Walsh's chapter gives a clear approach for the urologist who might be the first physician to handle these distressing problems that have such a great potential psychological impact on the patient and the family. Skinner's chapter on pelvic lymphadenectomy is well done and gives the background and rationale for this procedure, the