January 6, 1975

"Organic Food"

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Beverly Hills, Calif

JAMA. 1975;231(1):25. doi:10.1001/jama.1975.03240130019011

To the Editor.—  I was glad to see the WHEN FRIENDS OR PATIENTS ASK ABOUT... section carry an article about "organic foods" (230:276, 1974).However, I feel a correction is due on one point. Dr. Jukes's report is misleading in giving the answer to question 5 as "true." While there is "no difference in food value" as far as vitamin content is concerned, there may be significant difference in mineral content, and this should be considered when listing food values.An example of mineral-content variation is found in the iodine content of foods grown in US "goiter belt" areas compared with the iodine value of foods from certain seacoast areas. Pennington and Calloway1 discuss the difference in copper content found in foods grown in different soils. Other trace minerals in vegetables, cereals, and other foods can also be influenced by soil content.I share Dr. Jukes's concern over the dangers