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September 19, 1986


JAMA. 1986;256(11):1493. doi:10.1001/jama.1986.03380110099035

He was always dancing. In the beginning it was exciting. A lot of kids did it. The poison propositioned him, may I have this one, can I go home with you, you know you love me and you want me and I can dance all night and even into tomorrow.

So he danced, even though he knew she was from a bad family; her little sister methanol took men out on dates and blinded them. She would never do that, she told him; she was even on television, she was very social, she was an old friend of everyone's family.

His wife found out about it and tried to stop him. His son missed him. But the dance went on, because he loved her more than all of them, more than his family, his job, his life.

She held him as they danced, and she ran her fingers down his