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June 6, 1990

Interventional and Surgical Cardiovascular Pathology: Clinical Correlations and Basic Principles

Author Affiliations

University of Southern California School of Medicine Los Angeles

University of Southern California School of Medicine Los Angeles

JAMA. 1990;263(21):2951. doi:10.1001/jama.1990.03440210103044

If one has the hobby or habit of reading monographs on medicine and pathology, the hope is to be brought upto-date, to learn something new, and perhaps to be impressed by the onrush of biomedical research in a specialized field. Unless you were in cardiology, you would be unlikely to choose this book, with its cumbersome and slightly mysterious title, from a publisher's mailing or catalog or at a medical convention. This would be a mistake.

Title aside, this is an unusually educational, satisfying, and indeed inspiring book. A community hospital pathologist, familiar with the autopsy results of individuals who die with advanced coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction, likely has had his or her imagination dulled by the commonplace pathological findings. But reading Dr Schoen's descriptions and analyses will reveal in fascinating detail the new molecular biology, ultrastructure, and histopathology of ischemic heart disease and many other lesions.