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May 22, 1996

EndNote Plus 2: Enhanced Reference Database and Bibliography Maker

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Topeka, Kan


one 3.5-in disk with 284 pp booklet; requirements: Windows 3.1 or later including Windows 95 and Windows NT, IBM PC or compatible computer with 386DX/25MHz processor or higher and a minimum of 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended), hard disk with with 5.5 MB free space (if using Windows, an additional 3 MB must be available where Windows is installed), swap file of 5 MB, mouse, 3.5-inch high-density floppy drive; compatible with files created by earlier DOS versions; $299; Berkeley, Calif, Niles&Associates, 1995. EndLink2: EndNote Plus's Link to On-line and CD-ROM Databases, one 3.5-in disk with 76 pp booklet, add-on to EndNote Plus 2, requirements: EndNote Plus 2 must be installed on PC, and then EndLink 2, $99, Berkeley, Calif, Niles & Associates, 1995.

JAMA. 1996;275(20):1609-1610. doi:10.1001/jama.1996.03530440089045

I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term Natural Selection, in order to mark its relation to man's power of selection.... In cases of this kind, if the variation were of a beneficial nature, the original form would soon be supplanted by the modified form....

—Charles Darwin, 1859.

Consider the following four ways to cite the same scientific article:

We note that such essential information as author, journal, date, and title does not change, but the formats vary widely. Each format is in current use by a scientific journal. We need the genius of Darwin to tell us why so many variations in citation styles have survived.

It is generally considered unethical to manipulate a situation or person. Manipu

Screen from EndNote Plus. lating a bibliographic style, however, seems an exception, hence the existence of more than 10 bibliographic manager programs.