April 15, 1905


JAMA. 1905;XLIV(15):1200-1201. doi:10.1001/jama.1905.02500420044008

XIII.CONCLUDED.  After Burian and Schur had demonstrated that the uric acid excreted consists of two components, an EXogenous part dependent on the purins of the food and independent of the patient's individuality, and an endogenous part, individually different but constant for each individual, it became important in studying uric-acid excretion in gout to ascertain (1) whether the amount of endogenous purin is altered, and (2) whether feeding purins to the gouty patient affects the exogenous component as in health. The examinations made by Kaufmann and Mohr2 in 1902 indicate that the values for both components are normal in gout. As yet no one has tested the power of the body in gout to form uric acid synthetically in comparison with that power in health; this should be done.After 1880, a number of investigators opposed Garrod's ideas regarding diminished uric-acid excretion in gout. Bouchard, in 1885, declared that the

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