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September 2000

Recurrence of Nevus of Ota After Successful Treatment With Q-Switched Lasers

Arch Dermatol. 2000;136(9):1175-1176. doi:

Q-switched (QS) lasers have been successfully used to treat nevus of Ota.13 We report 2 cases of nevus of Ota in which repigmentation developed after successful treatment with laser surgery.

A 42-year-old man had nevus of Ota affecting the left half of his face since birth (Tanino type III). During childhood and adolescence, his nevus enlarged but has remained stable since his late teens. In December 1993, he was treated with either QS Alexandrite or QS Nd:YAG laser, and after 9 sessions (last session, August 1996), complete clearance was achieved. In September 1998, he started to notice pigmentation of his nose and forehead, which later extended to his left inferior perioribital and temporal areas. Results of skin biopsies revealed the presence of both pigmented dendritic melanocytes and melanophages at the papillary dermis, compatible with the diagnosis of nevus of Ota. There was no evidence of malignant transformation.

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