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Mar/Apr 2012

Thank You to Our Reviewers

Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2012;14(2):82. doi:10.1001/archfacial.2012.92

2011 was a year in which the Archives developed multiple new features, including Archives Classics, Contemporary Reviews, CME, and Journal Club. These were also significant initiatives on our web platform. This could not have happened without our excellent Editorial Board. There are far too many great staff at the JAMA and Archives journal offices to name personally, but we would like to recognize the superb support from Lauren Fischer, Paula Glitman, and Cheryl Iverson in Chicago, as well as Jan Thyng in Seattle. We couldn't be successful without them! Although the entire Editorial Board has been very supportive, there are a number of individuals whom I would like to thank specifically. Norman J. Pastorek and Emily B. Collins continue to write the Beauty Section issue after issue and year by year. We all look forward to this feature. Sam P. Most is our Web Editor. With the many new changes on the web, this has become a much more significant editorial job and we thank him for his ongoing efforts. Mimi S. Kokoska has taken on 2 new and important editorial jobs—she is coordinating the new Journal Club as well as the CME. Initiating these new endeavors and overseeing them is a significant commitment that is much appreciated. Scott Tatum has developed and edited our new Contemporary Reviews. This is a popular new feature that over time will build a base of articles to serve as an outstanding educational resource for all of our readers. I must finally thank our Deputy Editor, John S. Rhee, and Associate Editors Peter A. Hilger and Ira D. Papel. These 3 have helped significantly with day-to-day editorial decisions, and their wisdom is much appreciated.

Below are the peer reviewers for 2011. The Journal could not do the good work it does and publish the quality that we do without their efforts. These individuals spend a significant number of hours reviewing articles and making detailed recommendations, reviewing revisions, and otherwise helping in the editorial process. We thank them all for their essential work.

Peter A. Adamson
Bryan Ambro
Richard L. Anderson
Fazil Apaydin
Babak Azizzadeh
Shan R. Baker
Lucy J. Barr
Daniel G. Becker
Guy Jonathan Ben Simon
Amit Bhrany
Keith E. Blackwell
Jason D. Bloom
Dale S. Bloomquist
Kofi Derek O. Boahene
Ozcan Cakmak
Paul J. Carniol
Emily B. Collins
Rollin Daniel
Steven H. Dayan
Jaimie DeRosa
Yadranko Ducic
Edward Ellis
Fred G. Fedok
John L. Frodel
Jaime R. Garza
Holger Gassner
Richard D. Gentile
Neal D. Goldman
Richard L. Goode
Tessa Hadlock
Grant S. Hamilton
Mark M. Hamilton
Monte O. Harris
Douglas K. Henstrom
Peter A. Hilger
Marcelo Hochman
G. Richard Holt
David B. Hom
Carlo P. Honrado
George J. Hruza
Koen Ingels
Yong Ju Jang
Brian S. Jewett
Perry J. Johnson
Nick S. Jones
Michael A. Keefe
Gregory S. Keller
Robert M. Kellman
Douglas J. Kibblewhite
P. Daniel Knott
Mimi S. Kokoska
Theda C. Kontis
Russell W. H. Kridel
Keith A. LaFerriere
Samuel M. Lam
William Lawson
Lawrence J. Marentette
Kris S. Moe
Eric Jason Moore
Sam P. Most
Ronald L. Moy
Jeffrey S. Moyer
Xiongzheng Mu
Vishad Nabili
Michael James Nuara
Ira D. Papel
Stephen S. Park
Norman J. Pastorek
Jose A. Patrocinio
Lucas G. Patrocinio
Jonathan A. Perkins
Stephen W. Perkins
Annette Pham
David Reiter
John S. Rhee
James Matthew Ridgway
Russell Ries
Thomas Romo
Julian Mark Rowe-Jones
Hesham A. Saleh
David Allan Sherris
James D. Sidman
Bryan S. Sires
Benjamin Collin Stong
Amar Suryadevara
Abel-Jan Tasman
Sherard A. Tatum
S. Mark Taylor
Regan Thomas
Travis T. Tollefson
Dean M. Toriumi
William H. Truswell
Tom D. Wang
Mark K. Wax
Ivan Wayne
William Werschler
William Matthew White
Edwin F. Williams
Catherine P. Winslow
Brian J. F. Wong
Frederick T. C. Wong
Joseph K. Wong
Sufan Wu
Ritchie Younger
John A. Zitelli
Christopher Isaac Zoumalan
Richard Abraham Zoumalan