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May 2007

Thank You to Our Reviewers

Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2007;9(3):217. doi:10.1001/archfaci.9.3.217

I would like to thank all of the reviewers from 2006 for their time and expertise. These physicians and surgeons are largely responsible for the quality of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. This was a notable year for our journal. We began our Web-based review system, which has made the review process more efficient and rapid. The Web also allows us to better utilize a large number of excellent reviewers from outside the United States. Beginning in the latter part of 2006, we have been able to offer continuing medical education credits for those reviewers who perform at a high level in terms of the quality and timeliness of their reviews. We are in the process of revising our current reviewer database; if any of our readers have strong expertise and would like to review for the Archives, please contact the editorial office. The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery is now 8 years old, has been listed in PubMed from the beginning, and is now included in the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) Science Citation Index Expanded, which will provide the journal's first published impact factor for the year 2007, to be released in mid-2008. I would also like to thank our dedicated Editorial Board and the talented JAMA and Archives staff for their invaluable support. Finally, I would like to recognize Jan Thyng, our Editorial Assistant, who coordinates the complex process required to publish each issue with great patience and skill.

Ramsey Alsarraf 
 Shan Baker 
 Ferdinand Becker 
 Keith Blackwell 
 Dale Bloomquist 
 Anthony Brisset 
 Randolph Capone 
 Paul Carniol 
 Roxana Cobo 
 Ted Cook 
 Richard Davis 
 Jaimie DeRosa 
 Yadro Ducic 
 David Ellis 
 Edward Ellis 
 Fred Fedok 
 Oren Friedman 
 John Frodel 
 Holger Gassner 
 Richard Gentile 
 Alvin Glasgold 
 Robert Goldberg 
 Daniel Hall 
 Grant Hamilton 
 Jenifer Henderson 
 Peter Hilger 
 Marcelo Hochman 
 David Hom 
 Carlo Honrado 
 George Hruza 
 Nick Jones 
 Gregory Keller 
 Robert Kellman 
 Maurice Khosh 
 David Kim 
 Mimi Kokoska 
 Theda Kontis 
 Russell Kridel 
 J. Kriet 
 Keith LaFerriere 
 Samuel Lam 
 William Lawson 
 Joseph Leach 
 Devinder Mangat 
 Benjamin Marcus 
 Lawrence Marentette 
 Becky McGraw-Wall 
 Martyn Mendelsohn 
 Philip Miller 
 Kris Moe 
 Eric Moore 
 Sam Most 
 Craig Murakami 
 Gilbert Nolst-Trenite 
 Pietro Palma 
 Ira Papel 
 Stephen Park 
 Lucas Patrocinio 
 Jonathan Perkins 
 David Reiter 
 Gerhard Rettinger 
 John Rhee 
 Thomas Romo 
 Scott Roofe 
 Julian Rowe-Jones 
 Anthony Sclafani 
 David Sherris 
 William Shockley 
 Robert Simons 
 Lee Smith 
 Frederick Stucker 
 Michael Sullivan 
 Sherard Tatum 
 J. Thomas 
 Travis Tollefson 
 Dean Toriumi 
 William Truswell 
 A. Vartanian 
 S. Waldman 
 Tom Wang 
 Deborah Watson 
 Mark Wax 
 Ivan Wayne 
 Edward Weaver 
 Edwin Williams 
 Catherine Winslow 
 Philip Young 
 Bevan Yueh 
 Marc Zimbler