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November 1968

Book Reviews

Arch Intern Med. 1968;122(5):464. doi:10.1001/archinte.1968.00040010464028

Every clinician, irrespective of specialty, uses drugs. For that reason, he will be interested in a systematic consideration of drugs, which is the domain of pharmacology. There are several facets of pharmacology; the form which will probably interest the clinician most is a review.

The present book, Annual Review of Pharmacology, is the eighth of such issues. Each year it carries review articles on various topics or problems in the field. Aside from being the most priceworthy of pharmacological reviews (most others cost two or four times as much), it is one of the best. This is related to its overview of the subjects, which, while they are treated in greater or lesser depth, do not limit themselves to the minutiae often dear to the heart of bench-working pharmacologists. Moreover, the busy clinician will derive the best mileage from reviews which have solid therapeutic implications. There are 26 such presentations