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Figure 1. Flow diagram showing selection of the studies for the meta-analysis.

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Figure 2. Bar graph demonstrating the proportion of time spent in therapeutic anticoagulation across the included studies. INR indicates international normalized ratio. See the “Results” section for expansions of the study names.

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Figure 3. Forest plots demonstrating pooled estimates of safety outcomes. All the estimates were derived from random-effects modeling. A, Stroke or non–central nervous system embolism. B, Myocardial infarction. C, All-cause mortality. D, Composite outcome. See the “Results” section for expansions of the study names. Diamonds indicate the overall summary estimate for the analysis (width of the diamond represents the 95% CI).

Table 1. Characteristics of the 8 Included Trialsa
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Table 2. Baseline Characteristics of Included Patients Across Clinical Trials in the Warfarin Arma
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Table 3. Summary of Efficacy and Safety Outcomes Derived From the Warfarin Arm of Included Trialsa
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Table 4. Event Rates (95% CIs) of Stroke and Non-CNS Embolism in the Warfarin Arm Across Trials Stratified by Prespecified Subgroupsa
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Table 5. Summary Statistics Obtained From the Studies Included in the Previous Meta-analysis2a
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Apr 23, 2012

Current Trial-Associated Outcomes With Warfarin in Prevention of Stroke in Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial FibrillationA Meta-analysis

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