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Reviewers for 2001
January 2002

Reviewers Who Completed a Review During 2001

Arch Neurol. 2002;59(1):18-19. doi:10.1001/archneur.59.1.18

On behalf of the Editors and Editorial Board of the ARCHIVES, I want to express our most sincere thanks to our reviewers for your commitment to providing scientifically excellent reviews of the papers sent to us. These reviews serve a vital function in making sure that only the best clinical and basic research, reviews, and comments are published. The peer review process is an arduous one, and there is no substituting the service you provide. Thank you for your support of the ARCHIVES and our efforts.

We are most grateful.


Johan A. Aarli, MD, Marie Acierno, MD, Harold P. Adams, Jr, MD, Mark Agostini, MD, J. Eric Ahlskog, MD, Gregory W. Albers, MD, James W. Albers, MD, PhD, Roger L. Albin, MD, Anthony A. Amato, MD, Michael J. Aminoff, MD, FRCP, Frederick Andermann, MD, FRCPC, Jack P. Antel, MD, Tetsuo Ashizawa, MD


Thomas L. Babb, PhD, Rohit Bakshi, MD, Melissa Barber, ScM, Richard J. Barohn, MD, Mark S. Baron, MD, Fred Baskin, PhD, Antoine Bechara, MD, PhD, Werner J. Becker, MD, Rodney D. Bell, MD, Oscar R. Benavente, MD, FRCPC, Donna Bergen, MD, Christopher T. Bever, Jr, MD, Kailash P. Bhatia, MD, Eileen H. Bigio, MD, Jose Biller, MD, Thomas D. Bird, MD, Carl Bjartmar, MD, PhD, Frederick J. Bonte, BS, MD, Blaise F. D. Bourgeois, MD, Walter G. Bradley, MD, FRCP, Susan B. Bressman, MD, Staley A. Brod, MD, Thomas G. Brott, MD, Robert D. Brown, Jr, MD, Dennis K. Burns, MD, Ian J. Butler, MD


Donald B. Calne, MD, John R. Calverley, MD, Franca Cambi, MD, James B. Caress, MD, John E. Carter, MD, Gregory D. Cascino, MD, Gastone G. Celesia, MD, Fernando Cendes, MD, Leonard J. Cerullo, MD, Harry Chugani, MD, Helena C. Chui, MD, Christopher M. Clark, MD, David B. Clifford, MD, Jeffrey A. Cohen, MD, Robert H. Collins, MD, Manijeh Contractor, MD, Stuart D. Cook, MD, Denise Cooper, James J. Corbett, MD, David R. Cornblath, MD, John R. Corboy, MD, Antonio Culebras, MD, C. Munro Cullum, PhD, Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, Robert D. Currier, MD, F. Michael Cutrer, MD


Marinos C. Dalakas, MD, Joseph O. Dalmau, MD, PhD, Antonio R. Damasio, MD, PhD, Michael D. Daras, MD, PhD, Jasper R. Daube, MD, Larry E. Davis, MD, David M. Dawson, MD, Lisa M. DeAngelis, MD, Robert J. DeLorenzo, MD, PhD, MPH, Martha B. Denckla, MD, Richard B. Dewey, Jr, MD, L. Dana Dewitt, MD, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, MD, PhD, Dennis W. Dickson, MD, John M. Dietschy, MD, Hiroko H. Dodge, PhD, Rachelle S. Doody, MD, PhD, David A. Drachman, MD, Peter J. Dyck, MD


Andrew A. Eisen, MD, Jeffrey L. Elliott, MD, Thomas M. Ernst, MD, Douglas Eubank, PhD, Denis A. Evans, MD


Martin R. Farlow, MD, Lindsay Farrer, PhD, Thomas E. Feasby, MD, James A. Ferrendelli, MD, Howard L. Fields, MD, Edward J. Fine, MD, Stanley Finger, PhD, John K. Fink, MD, Karen L. Fink, MD, PhD, Marc Fisher, MD, Marvin A. Fishman, MD, Robert A. Fishman, MD, James L. Fleckenstein, MD, Blair Ford, MD, Barbara M. Foster, PhD, Norman L. Foster, MD, Robert P. Friedland, MD, Joseph H. Friedman, MD, Elliott M. Frohman, MD, Alan B. Frol, PhD, Anthony J. Furlan, MD


Dana Gabuzda, MD, Douglas Galasko, MD, Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH, Kathy L. Gardner, MD, John George, PhD, Daniel H. Geschwind, MD, PhD, Bernardino Ghetti, MD, Donald H. Gilden, MD, Sid Gilman, MD, Myron D. Ginsburg, MD, Alison D. Goate, PhD, James Goldstein, MD, Douglas S. Goodin, MD, Neill R. Graff-Radford, MD, Steven A. Greenberg, MD, Paul E. Greene, MD, J. Timothy Greenamyre, MD, PhD, John W. Griffin, MD, James Gusella, MD, Ludwig Gutmann, MD


Werner Hacke, MD, Robert W. Haley, MD, Ron G. Haller, MD, Mark Hallett, MD, Lawrence A. Hansen, MD, John Hardy, PhD, Lindy E. Harrell, MD, PhD, Robert G. Hart, MD, Stephen L. Hauser, MD, Peter Hedera, MD, Kenneth M. Heilman, MD, Thomas R. Henry, MD, David Hermann, MD, Robert M. Herndon, MD, Dale C. Hesdorffer, PhD, John R. Hotson, MD, Bradely T. Hyman, MD, PhD, Linda Hynan, PhD


Victor V. Ionesescu, MD


Bradley S. Jacobs, MD, MS, Lawrence D. Jacobs, MD, William J. Jagust, MD, Joseph Jankovic, MD, Kenneth P. Johnson, MD, PhD, Douglas Johnson-Greene, PhD, ABPP, Christopher R. Jones, MD, PhD, Burk Jubelt, MD, Vern C. Juel, MD, Csaba Juhasz, MD


Robert Katzman, MD, Horacio C. Kaufmann, MD, Claudia H. Kawas, MD, Jeffrey A. Kaye, MD, John J. Kelly, MD, Andrew Kertesz, MD, FRCPC, William R. Kinkel, MD, John T. Kissel, MD, David S. Knopman, MD, Peter J. Koehler, MD, PhD, Arnulf H. Koeppen, MD, William C. Koller, MD, PhD, Ruzica Kovacevic-Ristanovic, MD, Neil W. Kowall, MD, Walter A. Kukull, PhD, John F. Kurtzke, MD, Ruben I. Kuzniecky, MD, Jennifer M. Kwon, MD


Laura H. Lacritz, PhD, William M. Landau, MD, Anthony Lang, MD, FRCPC, Norman Latov, MD, Ronald P. Lesser, MD, Ross L. Levine, MD, Steven R. Levine, MD, Ann Lipton, MD, PhD, Robert P. Lisak, MD, Irene Litvan, MD, Oscar L. Lopez, MD, Elan D. Louis, MD, MS, Phillip A. Low, MD, Fred D. Lublin, MD, James P. Luby, MD, Claudia F. Lucchinetti, MD, Patrick D. Lyden, MD


Karen S. Marder, MD, Frederick J. Marshall, MD, Janice M. Massey, MD, Paul Massman, MD, James Mastrianni, MD, Richard P. Mayeux, MD, MSc, George McCracken, MD, Henry F. McFarland, Jr, MD, Michael McPhaul, MD, Kimford J. Meador, MD, Robert S. Miletich, MD, PhD, Bruce L. Miller, MD, J. P. Mohr, MD, Richard C. Mohs, PhD, Lewis B. Morgenstern, MD, John C. Morris, MD, Manfred D. Muenter, MD, Theodore L. Munsat, MD, T. J. Murray, MD


Sharon P. Nations, MD, Michael V. Norgard, PhD, John W. Norris, MD, John H. Noseworthy, MD, John G. Nutt, MD


Padraig O'Suilleabhain, MD, BCh, William G. Ondo, MD, Stephen Oppenheimer, MD, PhD


Charles Y. Pak, MD, Gregory Pastores, MD, George W. Paulson, MD, Henry L. Paulson, MD, PhD, Timothy A. Pedley, MD, Susan L. Perlman, MD, Alan Pestronk, MD, Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD, George W. Petty, MD, J. Theodore Phillips, MD, PhD, Pedro Piccardo, MD, V. Plante, MD, Samuel J. Pleasure, MD, PhD, William J. Powers, MD, David A. Prince, MD, Louis J. Ptacek, MD, Stefan M. Pulst, MD


Michael K. Racke, MD, Richard M. Ransohoff, MD, Stephen M. Rao, PhD, Neil H. Raskin, MD, Murray A. Raskind, MD, Norman C. Reynolds, MD, David P. Richman, MD, Michael W. Risinger, MD, Robert L. Rodnitzky, MD, Gustavo C. Roman, MD, Karen L. Roos, MD, Raymond P. Roos, MD, Allan H. Ropper, MD, N. Paul Rosman, MD, Martin N. Rossor, MD, Lewis P. Rowland, MD, Leah Rubin, Frank A. Rubino, MD, Richard A. Rudick, MD, Tanja Rundek, MD, Elisabeth J. Rushing, MD


Ralph L. Sacco, MD, MS, Ned Sacktor, MD, Gerard Said, MD, Kathleen C. Saine, PhD, David P. Salmon, PhD, Martin A. Samuels, MD, Harvey B. Sarnat, MD, Richard Satran, MD, Mya Schiess, MD, Randolph B. Schiffer, MD, Robert J. Schwartzman, MD, John B. Selhorst, MD, Frank R. Sharp, MD, Lisa M. Shulman, MD, Clifford W. Shults, MD, Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, Scott Small, MD, Maria J. Sobrido, MD, PhD, Vicki Soukup, PhD, Samuel Speciale, PhD, Michael R. Sperling, MD, Christian Stapf, MD, Yakov Stern, PhD, James Stone, MD, Lael Stone, MD, Warren J. Strittmatter, MD, S. H. Subramony, MD, Oksana Suchowersky, MD, Lewis Sudarsky, MD, Michael Swash, MD, Russell H. Swerdlow, MD


William Talman, MD, Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD, Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD, Joel D. Taurog, MD, Leon J. Thal, MD, William H. Theodore, MD, Vincent N. Thijs, MD, Charles A. Thornton, MD, Ron Tintner, MD, James F. Toole, MD, Daniel Tranel, PhD, Michael R. Trimble, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych, Paul J. Tuite, MD, H. Richard Tyler, MD


Gage Van Horn III, MD, Timothy L. Vollmer, MD, Rhonda Voskuhl, MD


James M. Wagner, MD, Steven J. Warach, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Waterhouse, MD, Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD, Howard L. Weiner, MD, Michael Weiner, MD, Myron F. Weiner, MD, William J. Weiner, MD, Brian G. Weinshenker, MD, K. Michael Welch, MD, Barbara Westmoreland, MD, Thomas Wichmann, MD, Asa J. Wilbourn, MD, Kirk C. Wilhelmsen, MD, PhD, Peter D. Williamson, MD, Golder N. Wilson, MD, PhD, Gil Wolfe, MD, Jerry S. Wolinsky, MD, Benjamin Wolozin, MD, Bradford S. Worrall, MD, Shirley H. Wray, MD, PhD


Bruce A. Yankner, MD, PhD, George K. York III, MD


Earl A. Zimmerman, MD, Justin A. Zivin, MD, PhD