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January 1974

Ocular Blood Flow in Experimentally Induced Immunogenic Uveitis

Author Affiliations

San Francisco
From the Eyetis Foundation (Dr. Aronson) and the departments of ophthalmology (Drs. Howes and O'Day), pathology (Dr. Howes), and clinical pathology and laboratory medicine (Drs. Fish and Pollycove), University of California Medical Center, San Francisco.

Arch Ophthalmol. 1974;91(1):60-65. doi:10.1001/archopht.1974.03900060064016

The subsequent study has evaluated ocular blood flow during several stages of experimentally induced immunogenic uveitis in rabbits. Blood flow was measured following intracardiac injection of carbonized microspheres (25μ±5μ) labeled with strontium chloride Sr 85. In acute or chronic mild inflammation, ocular blood flow is elevated. In severe acute Inflammation, ocular blood flow is markedly diminished. This decrease correlates with the presence of an extensive uveal vasculitis and thromboses primarily in choroidal blood vessels and helps explain on a pathogenetic basis some of the phenomena encountered in uveitis.

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