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November 1980

Optic Nerve Fast Axonal Transport Abnormalities in PrimatesOccurrence After Short Posterior Ciliary Artery Occlusion

Author Affiliations

From the Eye Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami (Fla).

Arch Ophthalmol. 1980;98(11):2018-2022. doi:10.1001/archopht.1980.01020040870017

• Fast axonal transport abnormalities in primate (Aotus trivirgatus) optic nerve were studied in ten eyes at various intervals after occlusion of the lateral short posterior ciliary circulation. Evidence of focal axonal ischemia, as indicated by swelling of mitochondria and dissolution of cytoplasmic detail, was noted as early as one hour after occlusion. Accumulation of mitochondria, microvesicles, and dense bodies, indicating focal interruption of axonal transport mechanisms, was noted in eyes examined at 2, 4, and 6 hours. This accumulation of organelles was limited to the region of the lamina cribrosa. Nerve head abnormalities were not seen in two eyes studied at two weeks.

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