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April 1986

A Medium-Term Corneal Preserving Medium (K-Sol)

Author Affiliations

From the Lions Eye Research Laboratories, LSU Eye Center, Louisiana State University Medical Center School of Medicine, New Orleans. Dr Yau is now with Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

Arch Ophthalmol. 1986;104(4):598-601. doi:10.1001/archopht.1986.01050160154032

• A new corneal preserving solution, K-Sol, was prepared by combining TC 199, 100 mg/L of gentamicin sulfate, 0.025M HEPES buffer to a pH of 7.4, and various concentrations (2.0%; 2.25%; 2.5%) of chondroitin sulfate to a final osmolality of 310 mOsm. Rabbit corneas stored at 4° C for 12 days in each solution, as well as fresh controls, were used for penetrating keratoplasty. Three weeks later, one graft in the 2.0% group was opacified; the rest were clear and showed minimal thickening. There were no significant differences between controls in terms of pachymetry and endothelial cell loss. This study supports the finding that K-Sol with 2.5% chondroitin sulfate is a simple, effective, mediumterm preserving solution for donor tissue for penetrating keratoplasty in rabbits.

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