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July 1993

Keratotomy for Astigmatism Using an Arcuate Keratome

Author Affiliations

From the Ophthalmology Department, Hôpital Hotel-Dieu, Paris, France (Dr Hanna); the Department of Ophthalmology, Emory University Medical School, Atlanta, Ga (Drs Hanna, Hayward, Hagen, and Waring); and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Fla (Drs Simon and Parel). Dr Hanna has a proprietary interest in the instrument described in this article. The other authors have no proprietary, interest in the instrument.

Arch Ophthalmol. 1993;111(7):998-1004. doi:10.1001/archopht.1993.01090070118030

We describe a new system for performing transverse arcuate corneal incisions for the correction of astigmatism. The instrument consists of a conical housing with suction and/or friction fixation to the limbus and two micrometric diamond knives mounted on a carrier that can be rotated by a gear mechanism. The depth, length, and location of the incisions can be predetermined. Light microscopy of donor eye corneas documented the achieved incision depth. One sweep at normal speed produced an incision depth 28% less deep than the preset depth. One sweep at low speed achieved depths of approximately 100% of the knife setting. Variability from one incision to another in the same cornea was related to blade sharpness. We report successful use of the instrument in five consecutive eyes with naturally occurring astigmatism.

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