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January 1917


Am J Dis Child. 1917;13(1):44-60. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1917.01910010053004

In 1913 I published an article1 on some work done in regard to the relationship of salts in spasmophilia which was the result of experiments on dogs and of clinical observation. In that work I came to the following conclusions:

  1. In dogs in which a hyperirritability of the nervous system existed, as shown by the increased electrical irritability, and as produced by removal of the thyroid gland, there is no regular variation in the formula Image not available before and after operation, as shown by metabolic experiment. While in three dogs thus examined there was apparently some support of the proposition that the quotient of this formula is increased during the period of hyperirritability of the nervous system, in the fourth dog no such action could be noticed.

  2. In estimating the salt content of the brain of five dogs, the first being a control, there was regularly found a decrease in the calcium content in the thyroidectomized animals. In one instance, however the formula Image not available than that of the control animal.

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