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December 1979

Mucocutaneous Lymph Node SyndromeCoronary Artery Disease and Cross-sectional Echocardiography

Author Affiliations

Cardiology Division Department of Pediatrics; Department of Radiology Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 125 DeSoto St Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Am J Dis Child. 1979;133(12):1233-1235. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1979.02130120025002

In 1967, Kawasaki1 described 50 cases of an unusual illness of infants and children. It was characterized by prolonged fever, skin rash, and lymphadenopathy, and he termed this illness "mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome" (MLNS). Since that time, a virtual epidemic of this illness has occurred in Japan, with more than 12,000 cases reported during the last decade. In 1974, reports of this illness appeared in the English language literature, and patients with MLNS have subsequently been described in most other parts of the world.2-7

The etiology of MLNS remains obscure.8-9 The disorder is not familial and there is no evident relationship to other illnesses or factors in the patient's history. Although an infectious cause has been hypothesized (viral, rickettsial, etc), the lack of familial or community clustering is against this etiology. Heavy-metal poisoning or other environmental toxins have also been suggested as causes, but they are also