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August 1921

ANATOMIC AND PHYSIOLOGIC STUDIES OF THE EIGHTH NERVE: ERNEST SACHS, M.D. Professor of Clinical Neurological Surgery, Washington University Medical School

Author Affiliations

Research Fellow in Neurological Surgery 1918-1919, Assistant in Surgery 1919-1920, Washington University Medical School ST. LOUIS

Arch NeurPsych. 1921;6(2):119-145. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1921.02190020002001

Introduction.  Review of Literature.Methods Used in Investigation.Purpose of Investigation.Connections of Semicircular Canals with Medulla.Symptoms Arising from Destruction of Semicircular Canals.Anatomic Connections of Vestibular and Acoustic Branches of Eighth Nerve in Medulla, Pons and Cerebellum.Symptoms Resulting from Cutting Eighth Nerve.Symptoms Arising from Bone Wax Tumors.Conclusions.Although many investigations have been conducted on the eighth nerve, there still remain numerous questions both as to the anatomy and physiology that have not been solved or about which there is some difference of opinion. In the last few years the interesting clinical observations of Bárány and Neumann 1 in Vienna, and Jones and Mills 2 and others in this country, have made the subject a particularly enticing field for further studies. Both the European and American observers have deduced anatomic and physiologic facts from their clinical observations. In some cases they have assumed the existence of

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