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September 1925

Hypnose: Methodik der Erzielung des hynotischen Schlafes bei Menschen. August Bostroem. Methodik der Versuche über tierische Hypnose; Ernst Mangold. Mit 18 Abbildungen im Text. From the Handbook of Biological Methods.

Arch NeurPsych. 1925;14(3):433-434. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1925.02200150146014

The chapter by Bostroem begins with a terse definition of hypnosis followed by a definition of suggestion which is satisfactory. The author then makes some very sensible remarks on the procedure of hypnotizing in the practice of medicine, even suggesting that the operator should make a careful toilet of the hands so as to avoid "unfavorable impressions." The matter of susceptibility to hypnosis is also treated in a reasonable and practical way, likewise the possible dangers.

The varying degrees of hypnosis and its bodily effects are briefly covered, and the author then passes to the procedure itself—the technic. Here, too, he is sensible. Instead of recounting the manifold methods that have been and still are employed, he gives his own method (a good one) with sufficient explanations to enable one to vary it as the occasion and the patient seem to indicate. Degrees cf success and difficulties are

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