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July 1927

Anatomie des nerfs craniens et rachidiens et du système grand sympathique, chez l'homme.

Arch NeurPsych. 1927;18(1):154-155. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1927.02210010157015

Hovelaque has assembled in these two volumes an enormous amount of information about the peripheral nervous system. It is largely descriptive, minutely detailed, and up to the minute as regards recent advances in anatomic science. A sixty-five page bibliography attests the prodigious library research of the author. The work is well printed on a fair quality of paper and is satisfactorily bound. The illustrations throughout give an impression of excellence because of the modern technic of the artist, but careful examination and comparison with other anatomic illustrations and with the relations seen in dissections reveal a carelessness that is sometimes astounding. Thus in one instance (plate 5) the optic chiasm and the oculomotor nerves are shown with the base of the skull, but no sella turcica appears in the picture. More over, convex contours appear concave. Elsewhere, in the effort to bring out salient details, undue liberties have been taken

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