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February 1934

ACUTE POLIOMYELITIS WITH CHOKED DISKS: Notes on Prolonged Observation of the Spinal Fluid and the Use of the Respirator

Arch NeurPsych. 1934;31(2):396-402. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1934.02250020184009

The publication of a report of an individual case of acute poliomyelitis requires justification. Our decision to put this case on record is based on the following reasons: First, we believe that the patient's life was saved by the use of the respirator. Second, persistent increased intracranial pressure was present, accompanied by choked disk. Third, long-continued observation was made of the spinal fluid. Fourth, we believe that the patient suffered a relapse during the acute stage of the disease.

REPORT OF CASE  A youth, aged 17, with an unimportant medical history, was first taken ill on Aug. 4, 1932. Malaise, lasting less than twenty-four hours, was followed by apparent recovery until August 10, when he complained of chilliness, fever, headache and backache. Lumbar puncture at that time, more than forty-eight hours before the onset of the paralysis, showed twenty mononuclear cells per cubic millimeter, with a trace of globulin and

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