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October 1938

Die Insulin Shockbehandlung der Schizophrenie.

Arch NeurPsych. 1938;40(4):855. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1938.02270100227018

This booklet is meant to be a practical guide to the management of the patient during hypoglycemia. Within the small space of seventy-one pages, it furnishes a wealth of material and deals rather exhaustively with the technical details of insulin shock therapy. This is the more remarkable because a considerable portion of the seventy-one pages is given over to nineteen tables and illustrations, four of them of full page size. The diction is plain and concise and renders the book available for any one moderately familiar with the German language.

A serious defect of the book is its dogmatic statement of rules in a field in which the gathering of reliable experience has merely begun. One rule, justification for which is not mentioned, decrees that the first hypoglycemic shock must not be allowed to last longer than from ten to fifteen minutes. Another rule declares, with no more show of

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