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September 1939


Author Affiliations


From the Hospital of the Brothers of St. John of God (Directors: Doc. Dr. V. Jedlička and Dr. V. Kreisinger) and the Neurohistologic Laboratory of the Psychiatric Clinic of the Czech University at Prague (Director: Prof. Dr. Z. Mysliveček).

Arch NeurPsych. 1939;42(3):413-424. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1939.02270210051004

Palatal myoclonus is a relatively rare and still obscure phenomenon, and therefore it is necessary to collect all cases one observes, especially if the condition has been verified by postmortem examination. We have had the opportunity of observing 4 cases of palatal myoclonus and of making an anatomic examination in 1 of them.

Leshin and Stone;1 Hillemand, Chavany and Trelles;2 Davison, Riley and Brock,3 and Guillain and Mollaret4 have given excellent surveys of the literature. Therefore we shall not mention all the recorded cases. Since 1935, the following have reported cases with an anatomic study: Alajouanine, Thurel and Hornet;5 Marinesco, Jonesco-Sisesti and Hornet;6 de Savitsch;7 Lhermitte and Drouzon;8 de Savitsch and Ley,9 and Nicolesco, Sager and Hornet.10

However, we must mention some older publications which have not met with the attention they deserve. First, as early as 1902, Klien11