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September 1946

PRETRAUMATIC PERSONALITY AND PSYCHIATRIC SEQUELAE OF HEAD INJURY: Correlation of Multiple, Specific Factors in the Pretraumatic Personality and Psychiatric Reaction to Head Injury, Based on Analysis of One Hundred and One Cases

Arch NeurPsych. 1946;56(3):245-275. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1946.02300200002001

THIS paper is a study of the relationship between multiple specific factors in the pretraumatic personality and the psychiatric sequelae of head injury.

In part I1 of the study I presented the results of a correlation of the categorical pretraumatic personality and the general psychiatric reaction to head injury of 200 patients. Each patient in that series had been given a categorical classification of the pretraumatic personality under one of the following ten headings:

  • Normal personality

  • Psychopathic personality

  • Neurotic personality

  • Personality variant

  • Normal personality except for general nervousness

  • Mental deficiency

  • Neurotic traits in childhood

  • Behavior problem (childhood and youth)

  • Psychotic behavior

  • Pretraumatic personality unknown

Comprehensive personality classification is common practice in psychiatry, as in general medicine and neurology. It was recognized, however, that such a general personality classification might be inadequate in contributing information regarding the etiologic factors in the psychiatric sequelae of head injury. In part I1