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July 1951


AMA Arch NeurPsych. 1951;66(1):69-81. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1951.02320070089008

I FEEL sure that each of you, learning that my subject was to be "Psychiatry Without Freud," quite simply assumed that I was indulging in a pious fraud. Your assumptions, I must admit, speak well for your perspicacity, for it is a fact that I favored the title for two reasons. First, because it is provocative—and then because it is a "pious fraud." Psychiatry, that is, present day psychiatry, without Freud, and without all that has been added to it by his disciples and followers, is difficult to conceive. A recitation that literally considered psychiatry without Freud would be of interest only historically—and most likely would be a confounding, if not a "lugubrious," story. Yet lest you also assume that I purchased your interest by a trick, I must add that, though the manner was something of a fraud, the intent remains pious, and that once beyond this point, I

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