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February 1952


Author Affiliations


From the Division of Neurology, University of California School of Medicine.

AMA Arch NeurPsych. 1952;67(2):199-227. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1952.02320140067006


  • Introduction

    • Multiplicity of Meanings

    • Subjective and Objective Aspects

  • The Subjective Inquiry

    • Development of the Ego

    • The Self as an Object and an Objective

    • Psychoanalytical Notions

    • Organisms, Not Processes, Are Conscious

    • Memory

    • Direct and Indirect Experience

    • Parts and Wholes

    • Analysis and Synthesis, Abstract and Concrete

    • Mind and Matter

    • Magnitude and Indeterminacy

    • Memory, Reason, Emotion, and Will

  • The Objective Inquiry

    • Degree and Kind of Consciousness

  • The Time Factor

  • Balance and Rhythm

  • Isolation; Disintegration; Preservation; Confusion

  • Epilepsy

    • Psychomotor Seizures and Recognition

    • Petit Mal

  • Brain Stem, Cortex and the "Seat of Consciousness"

  • "Full Consciousness"

  • Organization of Consciousness

    • "Homologous" Parts of the Nervous System: "Importance" and "Value" of Various Areas

    • Differentiation; Encephalization

    • Levels

  • Summary

INTRODUCTION  THIS PAPER is an attempt to bring some order into the various problems which are raised whenever that loose and elusive word "consciousness" is used. In trying to clear my own mind, I am also indulging

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