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August 1956

Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of "Enemies of the States": Analysis of Methods Used by the Communist State Police (A Special Report)

AMA Arch NeurPsych. 1956;76(2):115-174. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1956.02330260001001

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction

  2. Practices of the KGB

    1. Background of the Russian State Police

    2. Present Structure of the KGB

    3. The Suspect

    4. The Accumulation of Evidence

    5. The Arrest Procedure

    6. The Detention Prison

    7. The Regimen Within the Detention Prison

    8. Effects of the Regimen Within the Isolation Cell

    9. The Feelings and Attitudes of the Prisoner During the Isolation Regimen

    10. Other Pressures of the Isolation Regimen

    11. The Interrogator

    12. Interrogation

    13. Pressures Applied by the Interrogator

    14. The "Friendly Approach"

    15. The Course of the Interrogation

    16. The Psychological Interaction Between Prisoner and Interrogator

    17. The Reaction of the Prisoner to the Interrogation

    18. The "Trial"

    19. Public Confessions

    20. Punishment

  3. Practices in Communist China

    1. A Comparison of Chinese Methods with Those of the KGB

    2. Background and Organization of the Chinese State Police

    3. The Suspects

    4. Investigation and Arrest

    5. Chinese Prison Routine

    6. The Interrogator

    7. The Interrogation Procedure

    8. The Indoctrination Procedure in the Group Cell

    9. The Reaction of the Prisoner to the Procedure in the Cell

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