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August 1958

Personality Differences and Continued Meprobamate and Proclorperazine Administration

Author Affiliations

Ann Arbor, Mich.

AMA Arch NeurPsych. 1958;80(2):241-246. doi:10.1001/archneurpsyc.1958.02340080111024

Other publications9,10 have reported behavioral effects of meprobamate, after a single dose of 800 mg. and after chronic administration of 800 mg. twice a day for 21 or 28 days. For comparison, the effects of similar chronic administration of 10 mg. doses of proclorperazine were also investigated. No adverse effects of these drugs were found on a wide variety of measurements of sensory, motor, and complex functions. In the study of chronic administration the subjects were also given a number of personality tests. This paper reports the results of an extensive experimental search for individual personality differences related to behavioral effects from continued administration of these drugs.

Method  The details of the procedure are reported elsewhere.9,10 Briefly, 51 university students were tested, in a double-blind design, for the effects of meprobamate, proclorperazine, and placebo treatments. Dosages were 800 mg. of meprobamate twice daily, 10 mg. of proclorperazine twice

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