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Poetry and Medicine
March 21, 2012

Life’s Hourglass

JAMA. 2012;307(11):1117. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.155

You said nothing mattered anymore,
but it did matter, now more than ever,
because time was running out,
your time, my time, our time,
the sand flowing through the hourglass,
faster and faster.
You said you didn't need anyone,
but you needed everyone,
someone to talk to, to hold you,
to rely on, to cry on.
I asked you, do you understand?
and you did understand,
but maybe not enough,
or maybe too well.
I asked you, do you have any questions?
and you said no,
but I could see it in your eyes,
your questions were endless,
some unanswerable,
others unfathomable.
I’m not going to tell you
it's going to be all right,
because it's not,
because you’re not,
and maybe because I’m not.
And now you realize,
that life is more beautiful,
when your time is running out,
when those last few grains of sand,
slide through the glass,
sitting on top of their mountain of life,
of memories, hopes, dreams, and should have beens,
could have beens, would have beens,
if you only had more time,
if you only had more sand,
if you only had more.