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September 21, 1935


JAMA. 1935;105(12):948-951. doi:10.1001/jama.1935.02760380024006

So rapid has been the progress in endocrinology during the past few years that selection of material for special consideration presents a difficult task. Hundreds of sound studies have been carried out and of these perhaps not one is without significance to pediatricians. Some, however, are of more immediate interest than others.

IMPORTANCE OF THE THYROID GLAND  Despite the wealth of new information about other glands, the thyroid gland still remains the most important to the practitioner in that thyroid problems are most easily recognized and the thyroid hormone is the most readily available and most effective for therapeutic purposes. The thyroid gland exercises a twofold function. In childhood it has a widely pervasive influence on the anabolic processes. Neither growth nor differentiation can take place in any adequate degree without the agency of the thyroid hormone. Thus, in thyroid deficiency there are seen all the well known abnormalities of