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May 11, 1940


JAMA. 1940;114(19):1864-1865. doi:10.1001/jama.1940.62810190002007b

Compound dislocation of the testis is a term coined by Alyea1 in 1929 to describe the traumatic extrusion of the testis from the scrotum through the skin. It is an accident of extreme rarity. However, there has been an increased frequency in the past decade, and further incidence may be expected owing to automobile and airplane accidents. The universal causative factor is a terrific blow to the scrotum countersustained by the pelvis.

Alyea was able to find in the literature only three cases, to which he added one of his own. Pomeroy2 reported a case in 1935. Herbst and Polkey3 in 1936 cited twenty-seven cases from the literature but unfortunately included avulsions, saber lacerations, operative blunders, gunshot wounds and the like. Careful search of the literature reveals only ninety-seven cases of traumatic dislocation of the normally descended testis of all types, and of these only five seem