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June 8, 1940


JAMA. 1940;114(23):2284-2289. doi:10.1001/jama.1940.02810230014004

Lipomas are in a way analogous to steatopygous deposits except that they are not constant in their distribution. Although not racial they may at least be familial. Blaschko43 has reported a family in which all the males of two generations exhibited multiple subcutaneous lipomas, the growths appearing first at puberty; none of the females of this family had lipomas. Unfortunately he gives no further details. Ewing quotes Murchison, who reported a family in which a father and three daughters exhibited multiple subcutaneous lipomas while nine sons were free of this condition. Other examples of familial lipomas have been reported by Meerbeck, Petre, Leven44 and others.

Those who have been so fortunate as to secure specimens exhibiting early stages of lipoma formation (Borst, Bender) have found evidence that the lipoma arises like normal fatty tissue from a preadipose tissue derived from embryonic mesenchymal tissue. Even the so-called heteroplastic lipomas,