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Council on Drugs
January 25, 1964

Evaluation of Metaxalone(Skelaxin)

JAMA. 1964;187(4):291-292. doi:10.1001/jama.1964.03060170045009

The centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxants (NND 1963, p 461) are proposed for the treatment of muscle spasm, chiefly acute spasms associated with various types of injuries. These drugs produce relaxation of muscles through a rather specific action on the central nervous system, and since this is their predominant effect, they have not been proposed for other clinical uses. Some of the minor tranquilizers also have this property, but their other central effects are more prominent; thus their greater use is in the treatment of anxiety and tension. The goal of treatment with the relaxant drugs is to relieve spasm without producing concomitant muscle weakness; however, evaluation is difficult and clinical investigations of these drugs, including metaxalone, have not been notably well designed or sufficiently well controlled to demonstrate their efficacy convincingly. In addition, in view of the adverse reactions and potential toxic effects reported for metaxalone, there seems little reason for using it in preference to other available, less toxic drugs of this class.