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June 9, 1962

Multiple Discipline Research Forum

JAMA. 1962;180(10):816-821. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050230018005

Basic Contributions to Medicine by Research in Nutrition  William J. Darby, M.D., Ph.D., Nashville, Tenn.THE INCLUSION of nutrition as one of the subjects of this multi-disciplinary symposium is recognition of recent broad advances and interests in nutrition in relation to medical science and practice. No longer is nutrition considered to be synonymous with dietetics, with vitamin deficiency diseases, with the chemistry of essential nutrients, or, indeed, with food faddism. In fact, if I were to identify the major advance in nutrition within the recent past and the predicted greatest single advance for medical nutrition in the future, unhesitatingly, I would state that it is the reidentification of the broad role of nutrition in health and disease. This accounts for the active interest of specialists from all branches of medicine in the relationship of nutrition to those diseases and patients for which they are responsible.

Origins of Science of Nutrition