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Book and Media Reviews
November 26, 2008

Genomics and Clinical Medicine

JAMA. 2008;300(20):2430-2431. doi:10.1001/jama.2008.701

Geneticists say that “Everything is genetic, except maybe trauma.” Genomics and Clinical Medicine confirms this axiom and notes that the body's response to physical injury also has genetic underpinnings. Arguably, however, the saying should be updated to state that “Everything is genomic, except maybe trauma.” The difference is more than mere definition. “Genetics” focuses on single genes and their effects, whereas “genomics” refers to the action of all of the genes in an organism. Genomics also refers to a set of associated technologies (eg, high-throughput sequencing, expression profiling with microarrays). Genomics, in both senses, was largely born of the Human Genome Project—the effort to sequence the human genome.