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The Cover
October 7, 2009

Granada Woman

JAMA. 2009;302(13):1400. doi:10.1001/jama.2009.1382

Granada Woman (cover) features an Iberian beauty, hermosa y bella: the pearly-pale skin, ebony hair, and a seductively wound shawl underscore her siren call. The lady's allure tempts one into the sensuous world of the works of Hermen Anglada Camarasa (1871-1959). Anglada Camarasa, born in Barcelona of an artistically inclined family—his father painted railway carriages and dabbled in watercolor art—studied in Barcelona's Escola de Belles Artes (also colloquially known as Llotja). By the age of 23 Anglada Camarasa departed his native Catalunya for Paris, already having exhibited at the Exposició Universal in Barcelona; his father had died by the time Hermen was only 7, and he felt no deterrent to leaving for study at the popular Académie Julian and, later, the Académie Colarossi. Anglada Camarasa remained in Paris for 20 years and exhibited his art in many international venues, including Venice, the United States, and South America, before he returned to live on Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands.