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JAMA 100 Years Ago
June 23 2010


JAMA. 2010;303(24):2534. doi:10.1001/jama.2010.758

For seven years THE JOURNAL has been collecting statistics regarding deaths and injuries resulting from the celebration of the Fourth of July. These statistics are based on definite information obtained from reliable sources. From these, tabulations were made and published in such form as to be clearly understood by the public, as well as by the medical profession. For three or four years little attention was given to this matter by the press, and, consequently, it seemed as though the labor was in vain. Reprints of these tabulated statistics were made and their distribution was gradually made wider, so as to include not only the leading newspapers, but officials connected with most of the municipal governments. At first only the Chicago newspapers, especially the Tribune, made mention of the report, but during the last year or two these reports have been utilized in articles and editorials not only by the leading newspapers, but by all classes of magazines. Finally the public has become thoroughly aroused. A strong public sentiment has been created in opposition to the former inhuman methods of celebration, and in their place are being substituted pageants, parades, flag drills, picnics, and the like.

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