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JAMA 100 Years Ago
July 15, 1998


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Brian P.PaceMA, Assistant Editor

JAMA. 1998;280(3):302D. doi:10.1001/jama.280.3.302

May 28, 1898

When Printer's Ink was victimized by some forger who used the good name of the JOURNAL on a blank, how the Pharisees shouted to see the alleged slip from the plain, straight orders on which advertisements are admitted! The ghoulish "I told you so," and the mother Caudle-like lectures which have been read to the JOURNAL would be amusing if they were not plain and manifest examples of ill will, spite and jealousy. One medical journalist alone had the good sense to write a letter here asking the JOURNAL if the statement published in Printer's Ink was correct. That gentleman was promptly informed that the circular had not been received in this office, and that, long before, the article in question was refused admission to the advertising columns of the JOURNAL. Had the other journals been true friends, they too, would have written to this office for information, before falling upon us tooth and nail. Let us see now how promptly they can disclaim the wrong they had done us. As we have printed a fac-simile of the document on which the patent medicine people put us in their list, perhaps they can point out the person who filled up the blank by recognizing the hand-writing.