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JAMA 100 Years Ago
September 20, 2000


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JenniferReiling, Editorial Assistant

JAMA. 2000;284(11):1354. doi:10.1001/jama.284.11.1354

The Denver Republican in a recent issue—August 26—analyzes some curious statistics of the population of that section, and comes to the conclusion that at present rates of progress Colorado will have before long only a feminine population. It says, with perhaps an excusable exaggeration considering the actual formidable figures it presents, that, "though many more females than males are born in this state, there are two deaths of males to every death of a female." Hence, it foresees the day when Colorado will be an Adamless Eden, or very nearly one, for it is not expected that men will or can be kept out, in spite of the deadly effects of the climate or whatever else is thus affecting that region. The figures from the State Board of Health, which it quotes, show a range of from 30 to 70 per cent. excess of mortality of males over females each month of the present year, a ratio that would, if continued, soon exhaust the resident male population. How this comes about is hard to see, as no specially masculine pestilence is reported, but, of course, figures can not lie. The only suggestion that readily occurs is the proximity of Utah, but that state does not appear to be similarly suffering. The problem is left for solution to the local vital statisticians.