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The World in Medicine
January 10, 2001

More Potent Than Cisplatin

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JAMA. 2001;285(2):156. doi:10.1001/jama.285.2.156

A European-US collaboration has produced a new platinum-based drug that may hold promise for patients with difficult-to-treat ovarian cancer.

The new drug, code-named BBR3464, belongs to a new class of platinum drugs in which the molecular structure has been manipulated to attack cancer cells' DNA more aggressively to prevent tumor growth and metastasis. It is the result of joint studies by researchers at Novuspharma SpA (formerly Boehringer Mannheim Italia R&D) in Monza, Italy, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Preliminary data on the drug were presented last month during the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies in Honolulu. The meeting is sponsored by the American Chemical Society and its counterparts in Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.