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July 30, 1910


Author Affiliations

Professor of Ophthalmology, Denver and Gross Medical College of Medicine DENVER

JAMA. 1910;55(5):370-371. doi:10.1001/jama.1910.04330050008005

In cryptophthalmia we have a total congenital ankyloblepharon and symblepharon, and there is also invariably abnormality of the eyeball and often of the orbit. In addition other abnormalities are generally present, especially syndactylism (Manz, Chiari, Otto); and malformation of the genitalia (Manz, Chiari), meningoencephalocele (van Duyse), hare-lip (Chiari), cleft palate, facial fissure, malformed concha, atresia of the larynx (Chiari), ventral hernia (Manz), aplasia of the kidneys, etc., have been observed.

The first case of cryptophthalmia was recorded by Zehender and the patient examined anatomically by Manz, 1872. Cases have since been recorded by Hocquart, Chiari, van Duyse (two cases), Fuchs, Otto, Bach and Karmann; seven patients have been examined anatomically. In six cases the abnormality was bilateral, in three unilateral. Consanguinity in the parents has been recorded once only. The cases reported in this paper were both bilateral.

In this condition the skin passes continuously from the brow over the