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June 14, 1913

Current Comment

JAMA. 1913;60(24):1886-1889. doi:10.1001/jama.1913.04340240046021

HOW MUCH LOSS OF BLOOD IS COMPATIBLE WITH SURVIVAL IN THE HUMAN BEING?  This is a question which is frequently discussed. While it probably never can be solved with any degree of absolute accuracy, yet certain facts now at hand indicate an approximately correct answer, at least for a certain class of persons, namely, women at the time of chldbirth. In post-partum hemorrhage the amount of blood lost naturally varies a great deal. It seems that a loss of 2 kg. (approximately 4 2/5 pounds avoirdupois) is not unusual, and cases are described in which the loss of from 2½ to 3 kg. (upward of 6 3/5 pounds avoirdupois) has bee survived.1 This is of course exceptional, but in most cases of excessive loss of blood from post-partum hemorrhage the loss is not accurately measured. Were that done, perhaps we should learn that survival of such great loss occurs